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Hang a Sign! II — iMessage Stickers!

Signboards are here! Just hang them and they will keep swinging all day! And they come in so many colors! You are definitely spoilt for choice. No jazzy, cartoony stickers, pretty simple and sober sticker designs. Just pick the one that suits your need and attach it the bottom of the message and see the sign swing away! Useful for tagging some important messages in a conversation.


IMG_3637 copyIMG_3635 copyIMG_3633 copyIMG_3631 copy


Currently there are 2 designs for the signboards and each design comes in multiple colors (iMessage Blue and Gray colors are also available, to keep a coherent display in your message screen). I suggest you to go through all of them and pick the ones you like. The name gives the colors of the signboard and the first screenshot shows some sample signs. Best option would be to go for an App Bundle for a particular design as you get huge number of color options at a heavy discount.


Try out the free option (Pink/Dark Violet):


It has 85+ words/phrases and more will be added. If you are looking for something specific, then hit me up on twitter – @samzgamz or drop me a mail at I will do my best to accommodate all requests. Any suggestions and feedback regrading what to add (or what to remove!) or any kind of improvements are more than welcome.


As seen on ProductHunt:


Words List:
v1.1 List : Yup, Sleeping, Maybe, Awwww, Hmmm, Good Night, Good Day, Good Morning, Good Evening, Good Afternoon, Open, Close, Cancel, Delete, Stop, ROFL, Count me in, Sounds Fun, Definitely, Hello, Congratulations, Well Done!, Beautiful, Wonderful, Seriously?, Really?, Just Kidding!, How are you?, What you doing?, Weekend is Here!, Happy Weekend!, Change the Topic, Damn, S**t, Right Now, Very Interesting!, On Vacation, Final, Correct, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, OMG!!, Clap Clap, BRB (Be Right Back), Sale

v1.0 List : ASAP, Boring, Cute, Out for Dinner, Dislike, Done, Don’t Know, End of Conversation, Home, Ignoring, Important, In Progress, Like, LOL, Love, Nice, Out for Lunch, No, Nope, Office, OK, Please, Priceless, Select, Reject, Reply, Right, Snoozing, Sorry, Sure, Thanks, Waiting, Welcome, Working, Wrong, Yes


If you like using these stickers, please consider leaving an App Store review and help spread the word around. It would go a long way in helping out the developer! And don’t forget to check out my other apps. Maybe you will find something else to like also! 🙂


Design 1: Check this Link!


Design 2:
Each Sticker pack has two different styles for every word/phrase.
* Simple Swinging
* A static non moving signboard



App Bundle :

Hang a Sign! II (Pink/Dark Violet) (FREE)



Hang a Sign! II (Green/Violet)



Hang a Sign! II (Red/Blue)



Hang a Sign! II (Dull Blue/Yellow)



Hang a Sign! II (Orange/Dark Blue)



Hang a Sign! II (Bright Blue/Light Gray)



Hang a Sign! II (Light Gray/Bright Blue)



Hang a Sign! II (Mauve/Dark Bluish-Gray)



Hang a Sign! II (Turquoise/Brick Red)



Hang a Sign! II (Peach/Topaz Blue)



Hang a Sign! II (Yellow Green/Salmon)