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Move, Jump, FLIP!


Three words that describe the game very appropriately.

‘Fliplomacy’ is a Puzzle Game where the player controls the protagonist piece on a
game board. The movements are very simple – Swipe Up, Down, Left or Right to
move in the respective direction. This is the ‘Move’ part.

The objectives are very simple. The player needs to convert all the other pieces on
the board to the same color as itself. And you can do that by simply jumping over a
piece! This is the ‘Jump’ part.

Whenever, a player jumps over a piece on the board, the piece changes it’s color to
opposite to what it is currently. This is the ‘FLIP’ part.

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“If you’re a fan of challenging puzzle games that make you use your head, then Fliplomacy is an excellent addition. I love the kitschy visuals, and the various themes that you can unlock keep you motivated to play. I enjoy ambient music, so the soundtrack is delightful. On top of it all, the ability to play the game as you please in any order you want is great, and honestly, I wish more games allowed you to do that. It’s just not much fun being stuck and frustrated on a level with no other options. Fliplomacy is a must for any puzzle lovers.”

– 9.1/10 AppAdvice.com

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“This is a great puzzle game that deserves more attention from fans. It is fair and fun with an attractive and easy-to-use interface at a price that is more than reasonable. A great-looking puzzler with simple yet smart mechanics.”

– 4/5 PocketTactics.com

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* “One of the Best iOS Games in the month of March” *

– AntyApps

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“It’s smart in all the right ways, and once things start to open up you’ll discover a bright, rich game that’s going to keep you playing into the wee small hours.”

– 148Apps.com

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“Enjoyable logic puzzler which is one of the Best New Android Games released this week.”

– AndroidPolice.com

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“One of Top 10 New Android Games This Week”

– AndroidAndMe.com

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“One of 10 Best NEW iOS & Android Games of July 2018”

– Android Gamespot Youtube channel

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“Fliplomacy is not just a game; it’s a clever puzzle for solving which you have to think, reason, include all the convolutions of your brain into work.”

– FreeAppsForMe.com

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