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Mr. Mustachio is back again with far bigger and far more perplexing second offering of the game! This one will surely have you pulling your hair out!

Now available on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store!

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** “It’s smart, it looks great, and it’s not like any other numbers game on the App Store” – 3.5/5 – Pocket Gamer

** “One of the 5 best games for iPhone and iPad this week (June)”AppSpy

** “This app can be described as a good practice, quite suitable for young friends and adults to play” – 4/5 – HK Apps Channel

** “Mr. Mustachio 2 provides a simple yet fun challenge that will test your critical thinking skills on the fly” – 7.5/10 – AppsZoom


Mr. Mustachio is my take on the word search puzzles that we have been playing for so long. Remember the puzzles where you are given a grid of letters and you need to search for words in it based on some clue or theme? Mr. Mustachio uses that principle and puts a little spin on that. Instead of a clue, a rule is given to the player and a corresponding value for that rule. The player needs to search the grid to find which row or column gives that value when the rule is applied to it! Easy as that! Of course, we added a time limit to make things interesting!

The grids this time around in the second version are not just number based, but in fact there are now 10 different worlds to traverse through! With over 100 rules and variations across the 10 worlds, there’s plenty to play for!


Mr. Mustachio Worlds


The character of Mr. Mustachio adds a fun dimension to the game! The further you go, the longer Mr. Mustachio’s moustache grows!


Sharpen your brain, sharpen your eyesight, sharpen your reflexes and bring it all together to beat the timer! Try out this challenging and interesting game!


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And this is how long Mr. Mustachio’s moustache grows!!

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