Mr. Mustachio has arrived on the iOS App store!


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The incredible feeling you get when your game is finally released on the App Store!

The game was released on the store and on the first day itself over 1500+ grids were played by the players. This has given me tremendous encouragement and belief that it is step in the right direction.


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But the work is from far over and I am really looking forward to hear from the community on how to further improve the game. I am working on some updates as it is but actual feedback from the players is utmost important. I do hope you all try out the game and provide a review.

Mr. Mustachio is now also on ProductHunt. If you like the game and feel it is worthy, then do give it an upvote!

‘Mr. Mustachio’ at its heart, is a small and simple game. I have just used the basic addition subtraction concepts, put them in a grid, thrown in a few colors and somehow managed to relate it all to a moustache 😀 :D. Hopefully it has come out as a fun and challenging game.

It can serve for educational purposes as well as for brain training exercises. While the young ones might appreciate it more, the game does offer 4 different difficulty levels, so it can be enjoyed by people of all ages!

Currently more people seem to be playing at the easier modes. I hope more people take up the challenge at the Hard difficulty level 🙂

There is also a small Presskit that I put together which is available on the website.

I can always be reached at through this link. Or directly mail me at Or you can hit me up on twitter – @samzgamz. Looking forward to hearing from you all.

Oh and Mr. Mustachio is also on Facebook. He would very much appreciate if you could give him a like there. 🙂


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