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Happy Holidays! v1.4 release featuring Mr. Mustachio as Santa and other updates!

Wishing everyone Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!


A Big Thank You for voting Mr. Mustachio into the SlideDB Top 50 Apps of the Year! Hope the game continues to entertain people in the coming year as well.


As for the updates on the game, managed to push out the Holiday Update of Mr. Mustachio just in time before the App Store window closed 🙂

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And some love from Apple!

Wow! It has been a pretty decent week so far for the game since its release. The download numbers aren’t sky high but moderate and better than expected considering that right now there is no considerable marketing effort made.




Mr. Mustachio is now on TestFlight – Beta Testing is Open!

So Apple has approved the TestFlight build for external testing! Which means that Mr. Mustachio can now be tested by anyone. If anyone is interested in testing out Mr. Mustachio, they can send the details using the – Registration Form
Or you can send me the apple id details through comments, or using the contact page, or through my twitter handle @samzgamz, or message me on facebook – or send me an email at!

Happy testing!
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Programmer’s Art : Making of Mr. Mustachio!

[Edit] The game – ‘Mr. Mustachio’, for which this article was written is now available on the App Store. I would really appreciate if you could take some time out to download and try it out! 


Screen Shot 2016-09-18 at 5.58.46 PM


I am a programmer. I am not an artist. Or at least not as good as a professional artist. But there is nothing stopping me from trying. From learning. As a solo developer, I don’t have much of a choice. I have to be the artist myself for my games for I can’t afford to hire a professional one and I am not too sure whether a collaboration/partnership would work out for I am not an established game developer as such.
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