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Ever wondered how sometimes the easiest of tasks can go wrong? Well, we have the perfect game to illustrate that. You will be bombarded with brain-teasing questions, your task is to glance at a grid & swipe the row/column containing the answer. Easy as that sounds, you will be tearing your hair out as you keep getting it wrong!


This game is a spin-off from ‘Mr. Mustachio : #100 Rounds’ (we highly recommend you to try it out as well), where instead of one long 100 round game, we now have shorter and snappier multiple levels that can be completed in a few minutes.


So this is how it goes. We give you a grid, we give you a rule, & we give you some values. All you have to do is look hard at the grid & find which row or column has that value for the given rule. Easy as you like it. We fill the grid with circles, squares, letters, diamonds, numbers and what not and then test your speed and observation skills.


The rules get crazier & challenging with each passing level & the timer forces you to be on your toes. With each conquered round, Mr. Mustachio’s whiskers grows along with your mental might.


Oh & wait till we start adding blocks of different colors to the grid! You get quite perplexing puzzles which are seemingly very easy but incredibly hard to crack in the stipulated time. Playing with grids has never been this fun.


Try out the game with a completely unique gameplay. We promise you would never have played anything like this! The game can be a great learning tool for kids as well as good fun for anyone who loves a good challenge.


The character of Mr. Mustachio adds a fun dimension to the game! Watch Mr. Mustachio’s moustache grow with more grids you figure out!


Sharpen your brain, sharpen your eyesight, sharpen your reflexes and bring it all together to quickly scan the grid in different directions and find that correct row or column before the timer runs out!


Download the game for FREE and have a great time training your brain.




* Unique & Addictive gameplay which is a twist on the classic grid search puzzles.
* Pick up and Play. One touch gameplay in Portrait mode. Just swipe to mark the correct row or column.
* Multiple challenging rules for the player to figure out.
* 4 different types of aids/power-ups available for use.
* A cute way of visually depicting the progress in the game through the growing moustache of Mr. Mustachio’s character.
* Customize the character of Mr. Mustachio as per your liking.
* Uncomplicated game with a single objective to complete all the levels.
* Leaderboards to see how well you are doing as compared to other players.
* Comprehensive Statistics to give a glimpse how well you have been playing the game.
* Single Player and works offline.
* Fun & challenging for kids and adults alike. Suitable for all ages.



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