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Clear a deck of cards; just like in Klondike Solitaire.
Strategize and decide which is the best possible hand to make; just like in Poker.
Seek the thrill and challenge of High Score chasing.

That’s the basics of 9-Draw!

So, how do we make the game special and unique?
* For starters, the cards used in the game are our own SPECIAL VERSION of STANDARD PLAYING CARDS. The cards are superimposed with certain actions. When you use these cards for making hands, they can either INCREASE THE SCORE, DECREASE THE SCORE or even make you DRAW MORE CARDS!
* The cards are available in THREE different SECTIONS – FOUNDATION, ADDENDUM & ACCORDION; and each section is governed with its own rules.
* Every hand that you make also delivers you a score. But some hands can bring your overall score down. So choose carefully which hand to make!
* Oh! And did we mention that the Card & Hand scores CHANGE after every hand that you make?
Starting with 9 cards, keep building your score by making more and more hands. Keep going till you clear the entire deck or you can’t make any more hands.
Well it all SOUNDS SIMPLE, but here’s the CATCH: Most of the cards & hands are designed to bring your score down. The avenues for getting a POSITIVE SCORE are LIMITED and must be used judiciously.
Otherwise you can easily end with up with a NEGATIVE FINAL SCORE! (Consider it a fair warning)
As you dive deeper into the game, you will find a rich strategy game with a need to put in a great amount of thought to decide which hand to make and when to make it, to get the best score possible.
Be willing to sacrifice a good hand in order to get a better deal in the future.
There are 4 DIFFERENT CHALLENGING MODES, each with its own leaderboard. Go ahead and top them all.
Like all card games, luck will play its part!
Good luck! May the best hand win.
(This game only requires the knowledge of Poker Hands but otherwise has absolutely NO GAMBLING elements in it. This is a pure strategy game and is suitable for all.)


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