Two-O Two-O is a simple Number Match Puzzle where the objective is to match the numbers shown in orange and green blocks and make it read 2020!

The numbers keep changing as more blocks keep falling from the top lanes and added difficulty which requires you to swap blocks at the bottom, so you really have to strategise carefully to achieve 2020.

A great way to keep your mind sharp using simple mathematics!

So start playing and hit the 2020 mark.


General Instructions on how to play the game:

● In each level there are several orange blocks at the top with numbers in them. Below these blocks, there are green blocks attached to them which also have some number in it (and go in the pattern 2-0-2-0). The objective of the game is to make numbers in all the orange blocks match with the number in its corresponding green block.

● The blocks at the top constitute lanes designated Lane 1, 2, 3, 4 etc. Blue blocks of numbers keep falling from these lanes one after the another in a sequential order i.e in a 4 lane level, blocks fall from Lane 1, then from Lane 2, Lane 3, Lane 4 and then back from Lane 1 and this continues.

● The blocks falling from odd number lanes i.e Lane 1, 3 etc will have numbers from 1 or 3 selected randomly.

● The blocks falling from even number lanes i.e Lane 2, 4 etc will have numbers from 0, 2 or 4 selected randomly.

● In each lane at the bottom, there are blocks which could be rectangular or circular in shape. When a falling block hits a block at the bottom, the circular blocks moves out of the game and total of the numbers from those blocks is subtracted from the top orange block of that lane. The numbers in the top orange blocks move in a circular manner i.e. 9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-0-9-8-7-6-5... and so on. So for example, if the number in the orange block is 2 and the number in the outgoing bottom block is 3, then the new number in the orange block would be 9.If two blocks of 3 and 1 are going out, then the number in the orange block would read 8. The number of blocks falling from a lane will be equal to the no of blocks going to go out from that lane i.e. the number of circular blocks at the bottom.

● After block(s) have fallen, you need to swap two blocks at the bottom. These blocks could be of the same value, could be in the same lane or in different lanes but a swap is mandatory. Two blocks can be swapped simply by tapping on two blocks one after the another. There is also an down arrow indicator to tell you which lane the block is going to fall from next to help you strategize. This Fall-Swap-Fall-Swap cycle continues till the end of the game.

● In some levels, there are black blocks as well which can not be swapped and remain as is. They are unselectable and you have to choose other blocks for swapping.

● Another help provided to you is the ability to wipe out a falling block(s) before it hits the bottom block. This can be done by simply swiping across the screen when the block(s) are falling. But you have limited number of these 'Wipes' which is indicated at the top left corner of the screen. If for any orange block, the number in it matches with the number in the below green box, you get an additional 'Wipe' but the maximum 'Wipes' that you can have at any time is determined by each level. Once a block is wiped out, another block will start to fall from the next lane.

● Another thing to remember is that at no point the 'n' digit number formed by the top orange blocks should fall below the 'n' digit number formed by the corresponding green blocks, otherwise the game is over. For example, if in a four lane level, the green blocks read 2-0-2-0, then the number formed by the orange blocks should never go below 2020.

That's all there is. So go ahead and hit the 2020 mark!