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Troubleshooting Unity build for Android platform


So after releasing my games Mr. Mustachio and Mr. Mustachio 2 on iOS, it was time to focus on android build as well. Since I was using Unity, it allows for cross platform development and the same project can be build for Android as well. All that you have to do is switch the build platform, set the appropriate keys and passwords, set the android sdk paths and hit the build button. Unity will build the apk for you to distribute! If you have a small project, this should work beautifully. However, chances are that it won’t be as simple as that. A bit complex project is likely to run into a few issues before you get the final build. I ran into a quite a few and spent a few days fixing all the stuff before managing to get the build up and running. It was apparent that quite a few people were facing the same issues on the internet. In order to help out people who could possibly run into the same issues, I am going to list them out with the solutions. (more…)