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There is a state of crisis on our board. Many have changed sides.

As the ace Diplomat, it is your job to restore the order. Every step that you take, can win you friends and turn some against you. You have to work on bringing uniformity to the board. Are you up for the challenge?

Strategise and chart a path across the board; moving, jumping and flipping stuff as you attempt to solve the 150 different puzzles!


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Mr. Mustachio 2

Mr. Mustachio is unique take on the word search puzzles that we have been playing for so long. Remember the puzzles where you are given a grid of letters and you need to search for words in it based on some clue or theme? Mr. Mustachio uses that principle and puts a little spin on that. Instead of a clue, a rule is given to the player and a corresponding value for that rule. The player needs to search the grid to find which row or column gives that value when the rule is applied to it! Easy as that! Of course, we added a time limit to make things interesting!

The grids this time around in the second version are not just number based, but in fact there are now 10 different worlds to traverse through! With over 100 rules and variations across the 10 worlds, there’s plenty to play for!

Now Available on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Amazon App Store!

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Mr. Mustachio

Mr. Mustachio is a casual and fun (and probably educational :D) game requiring simple maths, quick calculations, fast reflexes; and use all of them to help Mr. Mustachio grow his moustache really long!

The premise of the game is simple: Given a grid of numbers and a rule, just find the row or column which matches the rule before the time runs out! The further you go, the longer Mr. Mustachio’s moustache grow! Easy as you like it!

It is now available on iOS and Android platform.

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Piddly Pursuits

Embark on a journey in pursuit of happiness.

‘Piddly Pursuits’ is a game which takes you on an endless journey through different abstract worlds of the ‘Piddlies’.

Piddly, as the central game character is called, are small insignificant beings who travel through these worlds in search of becoming something more.

Help them by guiding them through the worlds and picking up the Rings of Virtue wherever possible!


Two-O Two-O

Two-O Two-O is a challenging Number Puzzle where the objective is to match the numbers shown in orange and green blocks and make it read 2020!

The numbers keep changing as more blocks keep falling from the top lanes and added difficulty which requires you to swap blocks at the bottom, so you really have to strategise carefully to achieve 2020.

A great way to keep your mind sharp using simple mathematics! So start playing and hit the 2020 mark.


Tippy Bee

Tippy is caught in a Magical Bubble which passes through everything but does not let Tippy out.

Tippy is destined to move around inside the bubble forever. Tippy needs your help to guide the bubble around to avoid all the obstacles coming in its path.

Just tilt your device to go up or down and help Tippy survive.

About Me

Me! Me! Me!

Shobhit Samaria

Indie Game Developer
A poet, an author, a literature expert …. Nope.
A musician, a singer, a rock star … umm not really.
An adventurist, a sports star, a horse rider... definitely not.
A businessman, an entrepreneur, an innovator. not yet.

I think you get the picture. I am just another average guy trying to survive in the big bad world. A Software Engineer by profession, a Web Application Developer turned Indie Game Developer.

After having tried countless games and having failed terribly across each one of them, I decided that to be a successful gamer, I had to create my own games.

So this is my life now. I am learning the process of designing games by building games and hopefully each being better than the last one.

When I am not doing stupid stuff, I can be found daydreaming, criticising politicians, movie stars, next door neighbours or sipping on a good old hot cup of tea.


My thoughts.

Troubleshooting Unity build for Android platform

So after releasing my games Mr. Mustachio and Mr. Mustachio 2 on iOS, it was time to focus on android build as well. Since I was using Unity, it allows for cross platform development and the same project can be build for Android as well. All that you have to do is switch the build […]

Hang a Sign! II — iMessage Stickers!

Signboards are here! Just hang them and they will keep swinging all day! And they come in so many colors! You are definitely spoilt for choice. No jazzy, cartoony stickers, pretty simple and sober sticker designs. Just pick the one that suits your need and attach it the bottom of the message and see the […]

Hang a Sign! – iMessage Stickers!!

Signboards are here! Just hang them and they will keep swinging all day! And they come in so many colors! You are definitely spoilt for choice. No jazzy, cartoony stickers, pretty simple and sober sticker designs. Just pick the one that suits your need and attach it the bottom of the message and see the […]

Update – v1.5 Now available on the App Store!

Happy New Year Everyone! Version 1.5 has released on the App Store, the first of 2017!! Mr. Mustachio is back to being his usual self and dropped his Santa avatar (which he donned on in v1.4).

Happy Holidays! v1.4 release featuring Mr. Mustachio as Santa and other updates!

Wishing everyone Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!   A Big Thank You for voting Mr. Mustachio into the SlideDB Top 50 Apps of the Year! Hope the game continues to entertain people in the coming year as well.   As for the updates on the game, managed to push out the Holiday […]

Update 1.3 released on the iOS App Store, now includes iMessage Stickers!

Mr. Mustachio got nice coverage on the Puzzle and Education Category Pages of the Indian App Store. This helped the game get good number of downloads. It also provided a good opportunity to improve the game.   The game has now got a couple of updates since then.