( pid·dly | ˈpid-lē )

small, insignificant, tiny, negligible, trivial, minute

They were small, insignificant, incomplete and restless beings. Even their creators did not found any rhyme or reason for their existence. So they named them lovingly - ‘Piddly’. Each same as the other, the creators gave each Piddly a distinct 'Rhythm' - a pattern of movement unique to it and repeated religiously.

Tiny as they seemed, they still survived, kept in their cradles, waiting to glide through the world with their wings flapping along the rhythmic path.

This is their story.

A Piddly story.

The story of their endless journey through many strange and abstract worlds in pursuit of happiness and contentment. Their journey to enrich themselves, to be more than what they were supposed to be.

But the Piddlies need help. The player needs to guide the Piddlies through the different worlds, keeping them out of harm's way. And on the course of the journey, pick up as many Rings as possible which are scattered throughout the worlds.

Features :

Accelerometer based game. Player needs to tilt the device to control the movement of the character.

Challenging game mechanics of controlling a character which itself has fixed repeated pattern of movement.

Unique visual style and game graphics inspired from desktop wallpapers.

Completely procedurally generated content. Provides a different challenge every time.

Even the assets are generated at run time. Because of this, the game provides a new look every day.

8 Different worlds to conquer. More worlds to be added in later updates.

Endless content. Play as long as you want.

Get high scores, top leaderboards, complete achievements, challenge friends. Complete Game Center integration.

Built using the SpriteKit Framework provided by Apple. Uses ReplayKit, which allows the players to capture a video of their gameplay and save or share it with their friends.

For the ones who love their numbers, there is also a statistics page to track player performance.